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Удивительные 3D иллюстрации Mark Gmehling

Хочу представить вашему вниманию замечательные и удивительные 3D иллюстрации немецкого художника Mark Gmehling. Удивительные 3D персонажи, которые просто притягивают к себе внимание. Забавные, прикольные, яркие персонажи в иллюстрациях от Mark Gmehling.

Полную коллекцию иллюстраций смотрим на блоге автора markgmehling


Кстати, не забыли что уже осень и до Нового года осталось всего несколько месяцев. Самое время готовить поздравления на новый год, так что, готовь оригинальные поздравления своим друзьям и близким.

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[url=www.hao123.com]Qwaider Planet[/url] has been growing up over the past few months. Super pumped to announce the addition of Steve Schlafman to our team. Steve is joining us as a Principal most recently from Stickybits (aka Turntable.fm), but as you’ll see below, he’s had amazing experience both as an operator and an investor prior to LV. He’s a deeply thoughtful guy so I asked Steve to write a guest post to share his latest decision to join the fund. Without further ado, Steve Schlafman: Betting on NYC and [url=www.hao123.com]Qwaider Planet[/url] Ventures By Steve Schlafman Only a year ago I decided to leave my dream job at The Kraft Group / The New England Patriots to jump head first into the NYC startup scene. During my time at The Kraft Group, I focused on early stage investments, strategic partnerships and digital media strategy. While I enjoyed living in my hometown of Boston (Go Sox!) and working for a highly respectable and influential company, I recognized something special was happening a few hundred miles south. The NYC tech community was heating up, and I was itching to join a startup. That opportunity came when Billy Chasen and Seth Goldstein of Stickybits (now Turntable.fm) made me an offer to join the company as their VP of Biz Dev and first business hire. I arrived last summer and worked out of DogPatch Labs. Immediately I realized that the startup culture here had a distinct energy and momentum, different than anything I had experienced in Boston, Seattle, Austin, New Orleans or LA. After spending the last twelve months entrenched in the NYC tech community, I’m now convinced that we are witnessing a tech renaissance – and in less than a decade, the tech industry will certainly be as influential (if not more) than any other sector in NYC.

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